Updating Your Name After Marriage May Or May Not Need To Happen

Congratulations to you if you have gotten married. Hopefully, you have found the one and you are going to spend the rest of your life with them. Many aspects of your life will change, and one of them might be your name.

It’s very customary in American society for the woman in a marriage to take the name of her husband, so it’s very often the wife in a new union that is the one updating their name after marriage. It’s not always the case though. Some men actually choose to take their wife’s name as a statement of gender equality or for other reasons. A few couples hyphenate their names together, and some actually choose a new last name they both pick.

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Tips On How To Change Your Name After Marriage

Whatever your case is, updating your name after marriage involves quite a bit of work, and you might be doing it and correcting or informing others for years.

You do need to get started now with the government though. Get your driver’s license updated when you can, although local laws might let you use your old one until it’s time to renew. You do need to update your Social Security card as soon as you can though, in order to preserve the status of legal documents and get your paperwork for new jobs done right.

For that, you can either visit your regional Social Security office and do the filing in person, or you can find the requisite forms online. Then, you print them out, fill them out, and mail them in. In either case, you’ll get your updated card with your new married name in the mail a few weeks later, although if your marriage is fresh and young, that time will likely fly by with everything else going on.