Troubleshoot the Kenmore Water Softener – High Water Level

Kenmore is a major brand of quality water softener products. Each has its own manual and method for operation as well as troubleshooting. If your water softener is at a high water level and you are having trouble fixing the problem, here are some suggestions to help.

kenmore water softener

Read Instructions Thoroughly

Problems happen even with quality Kenmore softeners. Be sure that you have installed it correctly. Refer to your owner’s manual for diagrams and instructions. There are also instructions available online that will help.

Clean the Nozzle

A common problem that can occur is that the salt tank gets full of water because a part called the nozzle venturi gets clogged up. Be sure to check and then clean the nozzle. Then allow the water softener to go through one regeneration cycle.

This cycle will allow the water to run down the softener tank. If it does not correct itself after one cycle, it may take several more to ensure that any overflow of water goes down completely.

Ensure Gasket is in Correct Position

If, after several cycles, the problem continues, look at the nozzle again. There are times where the gasket gets assembled upside down. Make sure it is in the correct position. You can check this is the case by referring to online or manual instructions.

Explore Kenmore Website

For more diagnostics, you can refer to the Kenmore website. Input your water softener’s model number and follow the diagnostic checks that come up for your softener. The diagnostics are available in an animated format to make it easy to follow along and correct the high water level problem.

There are times where the brine line has cracked and the diagnostics will allow you to find if this is what is causing your unit’s problem. If this is the case, a replacement tube will allow the unit to drain properly.

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