Tips For Dealing With A Stolen Wallet

Once you realize that you have lost your wallet, you can expect a series of vivid emotions. More than likely you are going to panic, get angry, then cry. These are all normal emotions that anyone who has ever lost their wallet has felt. However, it is important that you do not fully give in to the feelings you are having. You need to regain your composure and follow the next steps carefully.

Cancel Your Card By Yourself

More than likely, you are not going to want to pay for anyone else having fun with your credit cards. You may have heard that you should cancel all of your cards if they have been lost or stolen. However, that can put you in a proverbial pickle. It is better to call each of your financial institutions and explain the situation. At this stage, you will ask to have new cards mailed to you.

At this point, you are going to want to protect your credit rating. SO it is essential that you call each of the credit reporting agencies and have them place a fraud alert on your account. With this alert in place, it is going to be rather difficult for a thief to make any purchases in your name.

Report Against Lost or Stolen your Wallet

Next up is a visit to the local police station where you will want to report your wallet as lost or stolen. This is simply to place a paper trail to the event. Just in case, there are illegal activities involving your name or credit, you have documentation stating when and where the wallet was lost.

File a Report With DMV

Finally, you will need to file a report with the DMV to ensure that your identity is further protected. All a thief needs is your driver’s license and they can create all types of trouble for you.

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