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(Semana 24/11/2014 - 30/11/2014)

BMJ-British Medical Journal. Vol. 349. Núm. 7985


Leening MJ, Ferket BS, Steyerberg EW, Kavousi M, Deckers JW, Nieboer D et alSex differences in lifetime risk and first manifestation of cardiovascular disease: prospective population based cohort study. Págs. g5992 TC PDF 

Charlton BM, Rich-Edwards JW, Colditz GA, Missmer SA, Rosner BA, Hankinson SE et alOral contraceptive use and mortality after 36 years of follow-up in the Nurses’ Health Study: prospective cohort study. Págs. g6356 TC PDF 


Gnjidic D, Le Couteur DG, Hilmer SNDiscontinuing drug treatments. Págs. g7013 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Guías de práctica clínica

Stegenga H, Haines A, Jones K, Wilding J on behalf of the Guideline Development GroupIdentification, assessment, and management of overweight and obesity: summary of updated NICE guidance. Págs. g6608 TC (s) PDF (s) 

New England Journal of Medicine. Vol. 371. Núm. 22


The Myocardial Infarction Genetics Consortium InvestigatorsInactivating Mutations in NPC1L1 and Protection from Coronary Heart Disease. Págs. 2072-2082 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Maganga GD, Kapetshi J, Berthet N, D. P, Ilunga BK, Kabange F, Kingebeni PM et alEbola Virus Disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Págs. 2083-2091 TC PDF 

Sfelin JS, H. MS, Shaffer JG, Goba A, Sc. B, Gbakie M, Gire SK, Colubri A for the KGH Lassa Fever Program, the Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Consortium... Clinical Illness and Outcomes in Patients with Ebola in Sierra Leone. Págs. 2092-2100 TC PDF 


Schuckit MARecognition and Management of Withdrawal Delirium (Delirium Tremens). Págs. 2109-2113 TC (s) PDF (s) 


Edwards ST, Landon BEMedicare's Chronic Care Management Payment — Payment Reform for Primary Care. Págs. 2049-2051 TC PDF 

Chertow DS, Kleine C, Edwards JK, Scaini R, Giuliani R, Sprecher AEbola Virus Disease in West Africa — Clinical Manifestations and Management. Págs. 2054-2057 TC PDF 

Klass PIllness Not as Metaphor. Págs. 2057-2059 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Práctica clínica

Kent KCAbdominal Aortic Aneurysms. Págs. 2101-2108 TC (s) PDF (s) 

The Lancet. Vol. 384. Núm. 9957


Campbell JL, Fletcher E, Britten N, Green C, Holt TA, Lattimer V et alTelephone triage for management of same-day consultation requests in general practice (the ESTEEM trial): a cluster-randomised controlled trial and cost-consequence analysis. Págs. 1859-1868 R TC PDF 


 Improving air quality starts at home. Págs. 1821 TC PDF 

 Drowning: a largely preventable cause of death. Págs. 1822 TC PDF 

 Principles to guide type 2 diabetes care in the USA. Págs. 1822 TC PDF 

Osborn J, Thompson MManagement of same-day appointments in primary care. Págs. 1828-1829 TC PDF 

Punto de vista

Rid A, Emanuel EJEthical considerations of experimental interventions in the Ebola outbreak. Págs. 1896-1899 TC PDF 

JAMA. The Journal of the American Medical Association. Vol. 312. Núm. 20


Reynolds AJ, Richardson BA, Hayakawa M, Lease EM, Warner-Richter M, Englund MMAssociation of a Full-Day vs Part-Day Preschool Intervention With School Readiness, Attendance, and Parent Involvement. Págs. 2126-2134 TC PDF 

Páginas para los pacientes

Sugerman DT, Jin JTalking to Your Doctor About Tests, Treatments, and Their Costs. Págs. 2178 TC PDF 

CMAJ-Canadian Medical Association Journal. Vol. 186. Núm. 17


Lee GJ, Birken CS, Parkin PC, Lebovic G, Chen Y, L’Abbé MR et alConsumption of non–cow’s milk beverages and serum vitamin D levels in early childhood. Págs. 1287-1293 R TC PDF 

Babio N, Toledo E, Estruch R, Ros E, Martínez-González MA, Castañer O et al for the PREDIMED Study InvestigatorsMediterranean diets and metabolic syndrome status in the PREDIMED randomized trial. Págs. E649-E657 R TC PDF 


Fletcher J, Patrick KA political prescription is needed to treat obesity. Págs. 1275 TC PDF 


Gallo S, Rodd CAre all “milks” created equal?. Págs. 1277-1278 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Práctica clínica

Lam RE, Lam PJFive things to know about …: Nutrition in dementia. Págs. 1319 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Circulation. Vol. 130. Núm. 22


Stiell IG, Brown SP, Nichol G, Cheskes S, Vaillancourt C, Callaway CW et al for the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium InvestigatorsWhat Is the Optimal Chest Compression Depth During Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation of Adult Patients?. Págs. 1962-1970 R TC (s) PDF (s) 


George ALUse of Contemporary Genetics in Cardiovascular Diagnosis. Págs. 1971-1980 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Wadhera RK, Russell CE, Piazza GWarfarin Versus Novel Oral Anticoagulants: How to Choose?. Págs. e191-e193 TC PDF 

BIT-Butlletí d Informació Terapèutica. Vol. 25. Núm. 7


Robert L, Diego LNovetats terapèutiques 2014 (I). Págs. 42-48 PDF 

Información Farmacoterapéutica de la Comarca - INFAC. Vol. 22. Núm. 7


 Los lípidos como factor de riesgo cardiovascular: tratamiento farmacológico. Págs. 37-43 PDF 


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