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(Semana 22/09/2014 - 28/09/2014)

BMJ-British Medical Journal. Vol. 349. Núm. 7976


Kruis AL, Boland MR, Assendelft WJ, Gussekloo J, Tsiachristas A, Stijnen T et alEffectiveness of integrated disease management for primary care chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients: results of cluster randomised trial. Págs. g5392 TC PDF 

Glas NA, Craen AJ, Bastiaannet E, Land EG, Kiderlen M, van de Water W et alEffect of implementation of the mass breast cancer screening programme in older women in the Netherlands: population based study. Págs. g5410 TC PDF 


Bourbeau JIntegrated disease management for adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Págs. g5675 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Tomori OEbola in an unprepared Africa. Págs. g5597 TC (s) PDF (s) 


Sewell MD, Eastwood DM, Wimalasundera NManaging common symptoms of cerebral palsy in children. Págs. g5474 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Guías de práctica clínica

Kendall T, Morriss R, Mayo-Wilson E, Marcus E on behalf of the Guideline Development GroupAssessment and management of bipolar disorder: summary of updated NICE guidance. Págs. g5673 TC (s) PDF (s) 

New England Journal of Medicine. Vol. 371. Núm. 13


Bel EH, Wenzel SE, Thompson PJ, Prazma CM, Keene ON, Yancey SW et al for the SIRIUS InvestigatorsOral Glucocorticoid-Sparing Effect of Mepolizumab in Eosinophilic Asthma. Págs. 1189-1197 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Ortega HG, Liu MC, Pavord ID, M. D, Brusselle GG, FitzGerald JM, Chetta A et al for the MENSA InvestigatorsMepolizumab Treatment in Patients with Severe Eosinophilic Asthma. Págs. 1198-1207 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Bruyne BD, Fearon WF, Pijls NH, Barbato E, Tonino P, Piroth Z et al for the FAME 2 Trial InvestigatorsFractional Flow Reserve–Guided PCI for Stable Coronary Artery Disease. Págs. 1208-1217 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Brittenden J, Cotton SC, Elders A, Ramsay CR, Norrie J, Burr J et alA Randomized Trial Comparing Treatments for Varicose Veins. Págs. 1218-1227 TC (s) PDF (s) 


Rade JJFFR-Guided PCI — FAME May Not Be So Fleeting after All. Págs. 1251-1253 TC (s) PDF (s) 


Taylor WDDepression in the Elderly. Págs. 1228-1236 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Nair PAnti–Interleukin-5 Monoclonal Antibody to Treat Severe Eosinophilic Asthma. Págs. 1249-1251 TC (s) PDF (s) 


Frieden TR, Damon I, Bell BP, Kenyon T, Nichol SEbola 2014 — New Challenges, New Global Response and Responsibility. Págs. 1177-1180 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Briand S, Bertherat E, Cox P, A. B, Formenty P, Kieny M, Myhre JK et alThe International Ebola Emergency. Págs. 1180-1183 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Chan MEbola Virus Disease in West Africa — No Early End to the Outbreak. Págs. 1183-1185 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Mugele J, Priest CA Good Death — Ebola and Sacrifice. Págs. 1185-1187 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Kanapathipillai RInteractive Perspective: Ebola Virus Disease — Current Knowledge. Págs. e18 TC (s) PDF (s) 

The Lancet. Vol. 384. Núm. 9948


Sharpe M, Walker J, Hansen CH, Martin P, Symeonides S et al for the SMaRT (Symptom Management Research Trials) Oncology-2 TeamIntegrated collaborative care for comorbid major depression in patients with cancer (SMaRT Oncology-2): a multicentre randomised controlled effectiveness trial. Págs. 1099-1108 TC (s) PDF (s) 


 Climate change and health—action please, not words. Págs. 1071 TC PDF 

 The integration of mental and physical health care. Págs. 1072 TC PDF 

 Dementia: a false promise. Págs. 1072 TC PDF 


Haines A, Ebi KL, Smith KR, Woodward AHealth risks of climate change: act now or pay later. Págs. 1073-1075 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Rodin GEffective treatment for depression in patients with cancer. Págs. 1076-1078 TC PDF 

JAMA. The Journal of the American Medical Association. Vol. 312. Núm. 12


Geiss LS, Wang J, Cheng YJ, Thompson TJ, Barker L, Li Y et alPrevalence and Incidence Trends for Diagnosed Diabetes Among Adults Aged 20 to 79 Years, United States, 1980-2012. Págs. 1218-1226 TC (s) 


Dolan SMPersonalized Genomic Medicine and Prenatal Genetic Testing. Págs. 1203-1205 TC (s) 


Checchi KD, Huybrechts KF, Avorn J, Kesselheim ASElectronic Medication Packaging Devices and Medication Adherence: A Systematic Review. Págs. 1237-1247 TC (s) 

Guías de práctica clínica

Davis AM, Cifu ASLung Cancer Screening. Págs. 1248-1249 TC (s) 

Punto de vista

Herrero R, Parsonnet J, Greenberg ERPrevention of Gastric Cancer. Págs. 1197-1198 TC (s) 

Parekh AK, Kronick R, Tavenner MOptimizing Health for Persons With Multiple Chronic Conditions. Págs. 1199-1200 TC (s) 

Circulation. Vol. 130. Núm. 13


Simes J, Becattini C, Agnelli G, Eikelboom JW, Kirby AC, Mister R et al for the INSPIRE Study InvestigatorsAspirin for the Prevention of Recurrent Venous Thromboembolism: The INSPIRE Collaboration. Págs. 1062-1071 R TC PDF 


Wakefield TW, Obi AT, Henke PKAn Aspirin a Day to Keep the Clots Away: Can Aspirin Prevent Recurrent Thrombosis in Extended Treatment for Venous Thromboembolism?. Págs. 1031-1033 TC PDF 


Horstman MJ, Stewart DE, Naik ADImproving Patients’ Postdischarge Communication: Making Every Word Count. Págs. 1091-1094 TC PDF 

Guías de práctica clínica

de Ferranti SD, de Boer IH, Fonseca V, Fox CS, Golden SH, Lavie CJ et alType 1 Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular Disease: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association. Págs. 1110-1130 TC PDF 

European Heart Journal. Vol. 35. Núm. 36


Gall S, Huynh QL, Magnussen CG, Juonala M, Viikari JS, Kähönen MExposure to parental smoking in childhood or adolescence is associated with increased carotid intima-media thickness in young adults: evidence from the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns study and the Childhood Determinants of Adult Health Study. Págs. 2484-2491 R TC (s) PDF (s) 


Lüscher TF, Gersh B, Landmesser U, Ruschitzka FIs the panic about beta-blockers in perioperative care justified?. Págs. 2442-2444 TC PDF 

Lau EM, Celermajer DSProtecting our children from environmental tobacco smoke: one of our great healthcare challenges. Págs. 2452-2453 TC (s) PDF (s) 


Haegeli LM, Calkins HCatheter ablation of atrial fibrillation: an update. Págs. 2454-2459 R TC (s) PDF (s) 

Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. Vol. 27. Núm. 5


Fink-Miller EL, Long DM, Gross RTComparing Chronic Pain Treatment Seekers in Primary Care versus Tertiary Care Settings. Págs. 594-601 R TC PDF 

Jerant A, Kravitz RL, Fernandez y Garcia E, Feldman MD, Cipri C, Nishio D et alPotential Antidepressant Overtreatment Associated with Office Use of Brief Depression Symptom Measures. Págs. 611-620 R TC PDF 

Yalcin BM, Unal M, Pirdal H, Karahan TFEffects of an Anger Management and Stress Control Program on Smoking Cessation: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Págs. 645-660 R TC PDF 

Singh V, Tolman R, Walton M, Chermack S, Cunningham RCharacteristics of Men Who Perpetrate Intimate Partner Violence. Págs. 661-668 R TC PDF 

Liu BY, O'Malley J, Mori M, Fagnan LJ, Lieberman D, Morris CD, Buckley DI et alThe Association of Type and Number of Chronic Diseases with Breast, Cervical, and Colorectal Cancer Screening. Págs. 669-681 R TC PDF 


Chapman HJ, Lauzardo MAdvances in Diagnosis and Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis Infection. Págs. 704-712 R TC PDF 

Boletín de información terapéutica de Navarra. Vol. 22. Núm. 2


Azparren A, García IEstrategias para la deprescripción de benzodiazepinas. Págs. 1-12 TC 


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