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(Semana 23/02/2015 - 01/03/2015)

BMJ-British Medical Journal. Vol. 350. Núm. 7997


Hawton KSuicide in doctors while under fitness to practise investigation. Págs. h813  TC (s) PDF (s) 

Howe ADoctors and divorce. Págs. h791  TC PDF 


Millard J, Ugarte-Gil C, Moore DAMultidrug resistant tuberculosis. Págs. h882  TC (s) PDF (s) 

Guías de práctica clínica

Hookway C, Buckner S, Crosland P, Longson DIrritable bowel syndrome in adults in primary care: summary of updated NICE guidance. Págs. h701  TC (s) PDF (s) 


Darzi A, Keown OP, Chapman SIs a smoking ban in UK parks and outdoor spaces a good idea?. Págs. h958  TC PDF 

New England Journal of Medicine. Vol. 372 . Núm. 9


Du Toit G, Ch. B, Roberts G, M. D, Sayre PH, Bahnson HT et al for the LEAP Study TeamRandomized Trial of Peanut Consumption in Infants at Risk for Peanut Allergy. Págs. 803-813 TC PDF 

Johansson K, Cnattingius S, Näslund I, Roos N, Lagerros YT, Granath F et alOutcomes of Pregnancy after Bariatric Surgery. Págs. 814-824 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Lessa FC, Mu Y, Bamberg WM, Beldavs ZG, S. M, Dumyati GK et alBurden of Clostridium difficile Infection in the United States. Págs. 825-834 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Jain S, Williams DJ, Arnold SR, Ampofo K, Bramley AM, Reed C et alCommunity-Acquired Pneumonia Requiring Hospitalization among U.S. Children. Págs. 835-845 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Oboho IK, Tomczyk SM, N. PH, Al-Asmari AM, Banjar AA, Al-Mugti H et al2014 MERS-CoV Outbreak in Jeddah — A Link to Health Care Facilities. Págs. 846-854 TC (s) PDF (s) 


Kassirer JPGuns, Society, and Medicine. Págs. 874-875 TC PDF 

Gruchalla RS, Sampson HAPreventing Peanut Allergy through Early Consumption — Ready for Prime Time?. Págs. 875-877 TC PDF 

Caughey ABBariatric Surgery before Pregnancy — Is This a Solution to a Big Problem?. Págs. 877-878 TC (s) PDF (s) 

The Lancet. Vol. 385. Núm. 9969


Oppegaard KS, Qvigstad E, Fiala C, Heikinheimo O, Benson L, Gemzell-Danielsson KClinical follow-up compared with self-assessment of outcome after medical abortion: a multicentre, non-inferiority, randomised, controlled trial. Págs. 698-704 R TC (s) PDF (s) 


 What's in a name? Systemic exertion intolerance disease. Págs. 663 TC PDF 

 Rethinking personality disorder. Págs. 664 R TC PDF 


Hickey M, Moore PFollow-up after medical abortion: does simple equal safe?. Págs. 669-670 R TC (s) PDF (s) 


Tyrer P, Reed GM, Crawford MJClassification, assessment, prevalence, and effect of personality disorder. Págs. 717-726 R TC (s) PDF (s) 

Newton-Howes G, Clark LA, Chanen APersonality disorder across the life course. Págs. 727-734 R TC (s) PDF (s) 

Bateman AW, Gunderson J, Mulder RTreatment of personality disorder. Págs. 735-743 R TC (s) PDF (s) 

JAMA. The Journal of the American Medical Association. Vol. 313. Núm. 8


Olsen AS, Gislason GH, McGettigan P, Fosbøl E, Sørensen R, Hansen ML et alAssociation of NSAID Use With Risk of Bleeding and Cardiovascular Events in Patients Receiving Antithrombotic Therapy After Myocardial Infarction. Págs. 805-814 TC (s) 

Kuramatsu JB, Gerner ST, Schellinger PD, Glahn J, Endres M, Sobesky J et alAnticoagulant Reversal, Blood Pressure Levels, and Anticoagulant Resumption in Patients With Anticoagulation-Related Intracerebral Hemorrhage. Págs. 824-836 TC (s) 


Campbell CL, Moliterno DJPotential Hazards of Adding Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs to Antithrombotic Therapy After Myocardial Infarction: Time for More Than a Gut Check. Págs. 801-802 TC (s) 


Levey AS, Becker C, Inker LAGlomerular Filtration Rate and Albuminuria for Detection and Staging of Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease in Adults: A Systematic Review. Págs. 837-846 TC (s) 

Páginas para los pacientes

Thompson AEAdvance Directives. Págs. 868 TC PDF 

Punto de vista

Doudna JAGenomic Engineering and the Future of Medicine. Págs. 791-792 TC (s) 

Powers BW, Chaguturu SK, Ferris TGOptimizing High-Risk Care Management. Págs. 795-796 TC (s) 

MFA LA, Bautista CA, Covinsky KMedicare and Care Coordination: Expanding the Clinician’s Toolbox. Págs. 797-798 TC (s) 

Circulation. Vol. 131. Núm. 8


Armstrong ME, Green J, Reeves GK, Beral V, Cairns BJ on behalf of the Million Women Study CollaboratorsFrequent Physical Activity May Not Reduce Vascular Disease Risk as Much as Moderate Activity: Large Prospective Study of Women in the United Kingdom. Págs. 721-729 R TC PDF 


Huxley RRPhysical Activity: Can There Be Too Much of a Good Thing?. Págs. 692-694 TC PDF 


Whitlock RP, Healey JS, Holmes DRLeft Atrial Appendage Occlusion Debate Revisited. Págs. 756-761 TC (s) PDF (s) 

Diabetes care. Vol. 38. Núm. 2


Lin A, Northam EA, Werther GA, Cameron FJRisk Factors for Decline in IQ in Youth With Type 1 Diabetes Over the 12 Years From Diagnosis/Illness Onset. Págs. 236-242 R TC PDF 

Paprott R, Rosario AS, Busch MA, Du Y, Thiele S, Scheidt-Nave C, Heidemann CAssociation Between Hemoglobin A1c and All-Cause Mortality: Results of the Mortality Follow-up of the German National Health Interview and Examination Survey 1998. Págs. 249-256 R TC (s) PDF (s) 

Harding JL, Shaw JE, Peeters A, Cartensen B, Magliano DJCancer Risk Among People With Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: Disentangling True Associations, Detection Bias, and Reverse Causation. Págs. 264-270 R TC (s) PDF (s) 

Yu OH, Filion KB, Azoulay L, Patenaude V, Majdan A, Suissa SIncretin-Based Drugs and the Risk of Congestive Heart Failure. Págs. 277-284 R TC PDF 

Khunti K, Davies M, Majeed A, Thorsted BL, Wolden ML, Paul SKHypoglycemia and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease and All-Cause Mortality in Insulin-Treated People With Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: A Cohort Study. Págs. 316-322 R TC (s) PDF (s) 


Riddle MCWelcome Reassurance About GLP-1 Drugs—But They Are Still Young and Not Fully Grown. Págs. 183-185 TC PDF 

European Heart Journal. Vol. 36. Núm. 7


Zannad F, Ferrari GM, Tuinenburg AE, Wright D, Brugada J, Butter C et alChronic vagal stimulation for the treatment of low ejection fraction heart failure: results of the NEural Cardiac TherApy foR Heart Failure (NECTAR-HF) randomized controlled trial (CC). Págs. 425-433 TC PDF 


Camm AJ, Savelieva IVagal nerve stimulation in heart failure. Págs. 404-406 TC PDF 

Opinión actual

Voors AA, Ruschitzka FThe year in cardiology: heart failure 2014. Págs. 421-424 TC PDF 


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