How I Found A Social Security Office Near Me

I was looking for replacement of social security card or get a new one because I lost mine. I couldn’t find it anywhere and I needed it in order to apply for a job. I looked around where I thought I had it last and it wasn’t there. I also looked in my important paperwork and it wasn’t there. I knew I would need to find a social security office near me that I could get a new card from.

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Look For Closest Social Security Office

I went online and searched for social security office near me. I wanted to see where the closest one was and get their phone number so I could call before going in there to find out what I would need. I found an office that was close to my area and gave them a call. I explained my situation and how I lost my social security card and looked up for how to replace social security card quickly. They told me what I would need to get another one so I gathered up all my information which I luckily had and headed out to their office. When I got there, I noticed the office was no longer there. I used the address that was on the listing so it must not have been changed yet. I wasn’t sure where they relocated to or where to find them.

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Ask Friends For Nearby Social Security Office

I went on Facebook and asked my friends if they could tell me where the social security office was at. I got responses from a few of my friends explaining how to get there and where it was located. I was able to easily find it once I knew where they had moved to. I gave them my information so I could get my new social security card fast. I also let them know that their address wasn’t updated online and I had a hard time finding them.