A Cornhole Tournament Is A Great Way To Get People Together

If you have a group of people you would like to get together for an event and you have no idea what could be the theme or central activity, then a cornhole tournament is a great way to get things organized.

Nearly everyone who is ambulatory is physically able to play cornhole, and while experienced players might be better than those new to the game, someone blessed with great athletics is not immediately at an advantage.

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Everyone Can Enjoy Together

This is a fun event that can provide a social center for a group to revolve around, while also putting people on two-person teams to buddy up and hang out with, possibly even letting individuals who have friction or tension between them work out their stresses in a friendly yet competitive way.

A Wonderful Team Building Activity

If you run a business or department with a handful of employees, this can be a great team building exercise or just a chance for everyone to unwind and get to know each other a bit. You might not know your staff well enough to know what personal interests they have, and even if you did, you’d discover there’s not really anything they all have in common, so it can be hard to choose something for the staff to bond over.

Best at Family Reunions or Picnics

Family reunions and group picnics are also a great time for a quick Lightning Cornhole tournament, as it give something to do for those that do not want to sit around and talk all day long.

If you just love cornhole tournaments and can’t arrange enough on your own, then look around your community for events being held at parks, bars, and restaurants. Some have cash prizes or gift certificates, and drunk competitors can be easy pickings, although some are also annoyingly good at the game.

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